What Is a Twin Flame Soul Contract

If finding a soul mate is like finding the “One,” then discovering your twin flame is the discovery of “unity.” A twin flame is the other half of your soul, so there is only one. You share the same consciousness. Your twin flame is often a romantic partner, although that`s not necessarily the goal of the relationship. The Twin Flame – Twin Soul is not just a sexual or romantic tangle, as many people would have you believe. It goes much further than that. Every minute you spend with this person is one more minute of learning about yourself. Time stops when you are with them. You don`t need to talk to be together. You simply speak without verbal language. In fact, everything stops when you look at yourself until you decide to take over the physical world. When you find your twin flame, it may or may not be easy at first. If you are at different stages of your evolution remembering your divinity, the encounter may not cause reaction or even conflict.

Sometimes twin flames don`t recognize each other right away, but once they recognize their connection, there is a sense of security, completeness, and unity that is not surpassed by any other relationship, even a soulmate relationship. You feel at home and completely comfortable. Despite a strong bond, relationships between soulmates can change over time. As you learn life lessons and your soul grows, you may find the allure of being with that person less convincing. Don`t worry – it`s the natural ebb and flow of soulmate relationships. Soul mate contracts are usually rewarding. This contract is concluded immediately, usually in a practical and carefree manner. Soul mate contracts are easy relationships to have. There is reciprocity, unconditional love and respect.

The purpose of this treatise is to teach self-love. Twin flames are extremely rare. It is a soul divided into two different bodies. Twin flames are strong reflections of each other, both in emotions and in life events. Twin flames teach love for each other and for oneself. This contract is a marked trip with the steps listed above. Nor is it ever a toxic cyclical contract. But it`s a difficult contract in the sense that there are initial hurdles to overcome, especially when it comes to separation.

The theory here is that every soul has a “twin soul.” This twin will be the yin of your yang, so if you are an eternal optimist, your twin flame will have a strong natural pessimism. Twin flames trigger each other, bringing out aspects hidden in the shadows (the parts of ourselves that we don`t possess or don`t want to heal). So if you have childhood abandonment problems that have manifested in codependence, your twin flame will be independent and autonomous, triggering your abandonment problems, and thus bringing it back to the surface for healing. Often, twin flames will be pairs, but since they are there to work in the name of the evolution of the planet, a sexual relationship can be secondary or non-existent. Sometimes they seem like an unlikely couple – perhaps with a big difference in age or origin – but their shared passion for greater vision is what magnetizes them and holds them together. Twin flames or twin souls are spiritually the two halves of a soul. Each twin completes the other, which is the sole purpose of this agreement. When you encounter a twin flame, there is an immediate attraction that is often referred to as “love at first sight.” According to the spiritual site www.isisjade.com, some signs are that you have met your twin flame: In this love-hate relationship, your duties to each other are to help your souls and do “soul work.” A soul mate presents you with a new version of yourself, breaking down the walls and barriers that reveal and awaken another layer of yourself. Soulmate does not mean partner for life. In most cases, you shouldn`t end up with your soulmate.

These relationships are extremely passionate and just as painful – some are the most painful you`ll ever experience. The soulmate relationship stimulates growth by teaching us lessons that are difficult to learn. The contract is fulfilled once the lesson is learned. So, what are the stages of the twin flame journey? The first phase is probably a time of nostalgia. During the first phase, the twin flames thirst for the perfect partner as they unconsciously prepare to meet them. Which leads to the second phase – the meeting. Pretty explicit there. The third stage is characterized by the intensity of the emotional states of the twin flames. Love is immense, undiluted and overwhelming.

It`s so overwhelming that it leads to the inevitable fourth stage – separation. Typically, the twin flame journey is incredibly emotional, which usually terrifies a twin flame. It is a love that is unknown as never before. Because of this emotional brevity, one twin flame becomes the “runner” and the other the “pursuer”. The runner leaves because he feels that he cannot live up to love, the pursuer pursues him so that he feels worthy. Anyway, a separation is taking place. The first step to finding your twin flame (which also happens to be the first step to finding soulmates) is to turn inward. You must be willing to do the deep spiritual work to learn to love and accept yourself unconditionally. When you recognize your divinity and embody the love you need, it radiates into the world and draws love to you like a magnet. When you become the strong, loving, nurturing presence you need to be to accomplish your mission, it is more likely that you and your twin flame will find each other.

I found my twin flame. This is not a joke. Whoever wrote this, please contact me and support me in my journey. Twin flame relationships have a higher purpose: they are intended to enable deep individual healing and spiritual growth, while modeling the unconditional love that paves the way for the consciousness of unity The end of separation leads to the fifth stage – surrender. The twin flames performed the necessary shadow work and appropriately assessed the barriers to their connection. They then submit to the process. Devotion marks a moment of letting go of pride, ego and control. This phase can be experienced together or separately. Usually, it is together that this phase prepares the twin flames to unite forever. After maturing in the final phase, the twin flames are now at level six – union.

The twin flames are healed, matured and are now ready to accept the love of this soul contract. When union occurs, it is the equivalent of becoming one. Often, you encounter your twin flame just when you are about to end a soul contract with another. In fact, it almost always happens at that time. And for a while, you`ll struggle for a while between maintaining a dead contract and developing the twin flame that asks you to travel with them. Although the twin flame theory resonates with me, I have some problems with it. The idea of twin flames can make people believe that there is only one person who can romantically realize them. I believe that when we look at romantic partners and fate, it is not “one,” but rather the Navy`s recruiting slogan: “A few. The proud.

Don`t let the idea of a “perfect” twin flame be an excuse not to go into the real world and date someone. Perfection does not exist, and believing that it exists can be very self-sabotaging. .